GeekGirl Meetup Berlin 2012

Back in July, word of the September meetup in Berlin had already made its way to Melbourne, where I quickly registered to secure a much coveted spot and to be part of the first meetup of its kind.

Having never worked with another girl in over 5 years in the industry, I was looking forward to meeting other female software engineers and it sure delivered!

There was something; a feeling of happiness, relief, comfort or awe as I looked around the Betahaus filled with others like me. The feelings were shared and it just clicked.

The organisation was spot-on, as speakers took their 30 minutes slot to share their knowledge and experience across a range of topics. With the caveat being that for every talk I attended, I also missed out on the two that were happening simultaneously in different rooms, amongst my top picks:

  • User-centred Social Media Strategies where @hypercatalecta practiced what she preached and delivered a simple yet powerful presentation and showcasing one of their own wonder. Check out the video Nike The Chance.
  • Stupid Human Tricks for Successful Agile Development from @trixolina who was as funny as she was accurate about how to boost productivity in the workplace.The speech has been recorded and is online here.
  • From PageRank to DiscoRank: make your search results swing, which took us into the Next SoundCloud DiscoRank algorihtm thanks to @utstikkar who managed to get us hooked on matrices.


  •  3 Steps to create self-value at work from Carolina Fernandes Lemos Bonin who was the rebel speaker without a twitter account.

Thanks to all the speakers who were inspiring and more invaluably, female role models often hard to find in our male-dominant industry. It is undeniable that similar personalities and character traits are simply instinctively drawn towards each other and relating to other girls just felt more natural.

Thanks to the organisers @greenemilymay@starkcoffee,  @heidiharman, @anschieN and to the sponsors @SoundCloud and @betahaus for making it possible and giving us a scene where girls from Sweden, Australia, Spain, Italy, England, Mauritius, Brazil, America, Russia, France, China amongst others I’m sure, were able to share a similar job title and so much more.

And without forgetting the Charity Bake Sale raising money for @Camfed.

Read more about the other topics that were covered at the website

Looking forward to the possibilities ahead and catching up at the next meetup!

Next post: we’ll talk about the testing techniques we’re applying to our Android app from last year; Open Secret Santa as we prepare to release a new version for Christmas 2012!